The Difference Between Low-Code and No-Code is Actually Night and Day

Here’s why that’s important to know.

Over the last few years, it’s become commonplace to reference “low-code” technology and “no-code” technology in the same breath, as if they were the same thing — the same functional kind of company-changing technology, implementable at the same low, company-altering cost. Leah Solivan, the founder of TaskRabbit, suggested recently that “low-code/no-code” technology will “be the secret to fueling our economy’s recovery.” Vivek Goel of Quixy wrote that “no-code/low-code” solutions will together facilitate a holistic shift from “manual to digital for all systems.” Citing a Gartner report, he also predicted that low-code and no-code platforms will empower “non-IT employees” with “the ability to build applications” and ultimately become “citizen developers.”

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